17. June 2021


We are confident that the GENERALI MUNICH MARATHON will be able to go ahead on 10 October 2021 if certain conditions are met. At this moment in time, we cannot yet say whether the number of participants will be restricted due to the health policy requirements in force. Over recent weeks, there has been a sharp decline in the number of daily cases, and vaccinations seem to be having the desired effect, so we are optimistic about the outlook.

Our registration statistics show that we have achieved about 75 per cent of our 2019 figures across all of the main races, i.e. the marathon, half-marathon and 10-km run. We are also seeing more and more group registrations from companies that are keen to use the GENERALI MUNICH MARATHON as a team-bonding event.

This is a good sign, and it augurs well for the further opening up of society once the pandemic is well and truly on the wane, at least as far as Germany is concerned. Up until early autumn, it will be impossible to say what effect the travel restrictions that apply to our foreign runners will have on all of this. However, we would be delighted if the entry requirements allowed all runners to travel to Munich for the 2021 event.

We are receiving all sorts of enquiries as to how we are planning to hold the race and which protective and hygiene measures will be put in place. However, Covid-19 measures are changing constantly. As such, our approach is based on a step-by-step concept that adapts to the current R-value and official requirements. It goes without saying that our ultimate goal is to make the GENERALI MUNICH MARATHON a completely safe space for everyone involved. With that in mind, we are working on the assumption that everyone will be required to present evidence of immunity or a negative test result.

We feel that it would be pointless to set out a fixed plan now, when things could look completely different in the autumn. Last year we saw just what could be achieved when we rolled out our concept “2020: A different take – 30 km”. We wanted to shorten the marathon route in order to minimise the overall pressure on staff along the route. We introduced individual starts at 5-second intervals to ensure a steady and controlled throughflow of participants to the starting line in the Olympia Park. We spread the start slots over two hours, set out one-way systems, distancing regulations and mask-wearing requirements. This creative concept garnered unanimous approval from policy-makers and the authorising bodies. Ultimately, the reason why we could not go ahead came down to the issue of spectators. This year, we are concentrating on the essentials of the race: the waves of runners at the start, the provision of refreshment points along the routes, and the start and finish areas in the Olympia Park. Discussions are still ongoing as to whether spectators should register on site and be assigned a specific place within the Olympia Stadium.

For the same reason, the Marathon Fair and the issuing of race numbers for late registrations will not take place in the Olympiahalle. We will send out most of the starting documentation by post, at the participants’ request. However, you will also have the option of picking up your race numbers at a designated point in Munich, which is yet to be decided.

We are constantly in talks with the authorities and will be finalising our concept very soon. In coordination with the Munich Regional Administrative Office, we hope to come up with a solution that is acceptable to everyone, so that we can make a fitting comeback on 10 October 2021.


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