15. September 2022


Markus Hörmann has a very personal connection with the GENERALI MUNICH MARATHON. The marathon through Munich was his first marathon and at the same time his entrance into high-performance sports. After more than 10 years, the triathlete will end his professional career in 2022, again at the GENERALI MUNICH MARATHON. The metabolism coach shared his nutrition tips and recommendations with us in ahead of the marathon:

01 – A good plan helps
You should simulate the marathon day at least once at home in training. This allows you to better assess, for example, when you should eat breakfast and which breakfast works best. In addition, you can test all the products that are available at the food stations. In a competition, you often have no appetite, but you need to consume a lot of energy at the same time to stay efficient. It helps if you reach for the right energy bar and energy drink directly.

TIP: The starter guide shows all the refreshment stations.

02 – Healthy & Delicious
The formerly so popular “pasta party” to load up carbohydrate reserves is not one of Markus’ favorites. It is much better to consciously eat easily digestible meals with lots of carbohydrates in the week before the run, for example meals with millet, quinoa and rice. This way you are well prepared for the marathon without overeating.

03 – Arrive relaxed
Nobody really sleeps well the night before the race. This makes it all the more important to relax and rest the days before. Arriving early helps to relax early and get ready for the conditions on site. The day before the race, you can take a relaxed stroll through Munich, visit the GENERALI MARATHON MESSE and run another short lap. Then it doesn’t matter if you sleep less well the night before the race.

TIP: At our partner KINGs Hotel in the center of Munich you will find comfortable and cosy rooms.

04 – Light breakfast
The breakfast before the race is very individual (See tip 01). Oatmeal, porridge or rather white bread – Markus Hörmann has experimented a lot. In the meantime, he relies on white bread with honey because it is easy to digest and tasty. It is important that after breakfast there is no feeling of hunger until the first food station. Because once you’re in an energy deficit, you can hardly recover during the race.

05 – Emergency reserve
There are many food stations along the course where you can fill up your energy tanks. If you are unsure, you can take an energy gel to have an emergency reserve between stations.

06 – Relaxation & enjoyment
After weeks and months of preparation, it is done and you have reached the finish line. You are allowed to treat yourself for this achievement. A non-alcoholic beer at the finish line, plus a recovery shake and then a cosy dinner with friends and family. For Markus Hörmann, this reward is a very elementary part of a race, also to keep motivation high for the next competition.

On Markus Hörmann’s website, the professional triathlete and metabolism coach provides even more tips and insights. We wish Markus a great end to his professional career. And for the time after that, much success, lots of time for his family and many wonderful experiences running and in the mountains.

Website Markus Hörmann


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