Running in winter

Find out, how to motivate yourself to go running and how to keep your fitness in winter.

1. warm up and cool down

Especially in winter a good warm up and cool down is very important. The cold weather reduces the pain perception, so you will feel injuries not until they got really bad. To prevent those injuries, it is important to have a broad warm up and cool down.

2. training partners

When it gets cold and unpleasant outside, meet with some sports-mad friends who don’t care about the weather. Colleagues can help to fight the inner couch potato when it is wet and cold outside.

3. breathe through your nose

It is way more healthy to breathe through the nose when the air is freezing cold. The air gets warmed, the humidity gets stuck by the nasal hairs. Thanks to this natural filter system you can avoid unnecessary burdens for your airways.

4. the right clothing

Running wear with sufficient thermal insulation will give you an extra motivation boost and extend you workout session. If the temperature is under -10 °C however, it is time to train inside.

5. training frequency in winter

In winter it is not about improving your fitness, but to keep your fitness level, as it degrades quicker as you might think. If you don’t want to start over and over again every spring, it is important to exercise in endurance sports all year long. In doing so, it is all about the fun in the movement. A relaxed training in the basic area (60 to 70% of the maximum heart rate) is enough throughout the winter months. With a consistent fitness level it will also be easier to start into specific competition preparation for a marathon or half marathon.