17,000 euros for “buntkicktgut”

The MUNICH MARATHON is delighted to report that this year’s Kick’n Run initiative was a resounding success! We have managed to raise a whole 17,000 euros. Along with the winner’s trophy, there was another surprise in store for the buntkicktgut team “Bayernkaserne United”, which won the Kick’n Run championship: they got to meet the FC Bayern star and world champion Jérôme Boateng. Present alongside the FC Bayern Munich player at the meet-and-greet event was MUNICH MARATHON organiser Gernot Weigl, and he and the footballing legend presented the 17,000 euro donation to Rüdiger Heid of buntkicktgut. The team won the meeting with the professional footballer when they emerged victorious from the “Kick’n Run” events at the Olympia Stadium, The substantial sum is made up of a donation from the MUNICH MARATHON event organisers and the proceeds from the sales of the “integration through running” wristbands. A big thanks to all those who took part in this initiative!