Whoever has competed in one of the 33 editions of Generali MUNICH MARATHON knows that tingling sensation. The concentration and tension of the runners is tangible; only subsiding when the starter’s pistol finally sounds and your sightseeing tour through Munich starts right away: Olympic Park, English Garden, Bogenhausen art nouveau villas, Isar Bridge, “Gärtnerplatz”, “Sendlinger Straße”, “Marienplatz”, the Town Hall, Bavarian State Opera, "Residenz", "Pinakotheken", Odeonsplatz, Theatinerchurch, “Königsplatz”, “Siegestor”, Leopoldstraße and many more. Countless highlights seem to line up right next to each other before the Olympic Stadium comes within sight. Goose bumps are not to be hold back at the big marathon gate where runners are rewarded with mist, music and colorful lighting. On the last 300 metres and accompanied by the cheers of the crowd, they turn into the home stretch of the Olympic Stadium. “G’schafft” (transl: I made it), as the Bavarians say! And afterwards? Smile please! Everyone’s a winner!

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Information for Participants

You can register with or without LOGIN. After completing your registration you will receive a registration confirmation by Email. About one week before Generali MUNICH MARATHON you will receive an official participation confirmation with your race number by Email. Participants who do not have an Email address will receive their participation confirmation by mail.

Please bring along your participation confirmation when collecting the race documents and your GMM sports bag at the Sport Expo.


How to get to the starting line of the marathon, marathon relay, (1st runner) and 10 K race by MVV public transport By MVV public transport (electronic journey planner) • "U-Bahn" - Underground/Subway: Line U3 to Olympiazentrum, from there it is an approx. 10 to 15 minutes walk Line U3 to Olympiazentrum departs every ten minutes from 7:30 until 9:00 • Tram: Lines 20 and 21 to Olympiapark West By car Approach the Olympic Park from all directions (A8, A9, A92, A94, A95, A96, and A99) via Mittlerer Ring. Follow the signs for “Olympiapark”. There are limited parking spaces available in the “Parkharfe” on Sapporobogen. Daily parking fee: EUR 5.00 for cars and EUR 20.00 for coaches.

Avoid waiting times by having the exact change for parking fee ready already. Car park overview




There is no participant limit for the Marathon. The registration is open until 30.09.2018, 11:59 p.m.. Late entries are possible at the Sports Expo.

All runners may participate from 18 years of age resp. those who reach the age of 18 at the latest on 14 October 2018. Younger participants may participate with a written consent of their legal representatives and with a medical certificate stating there is no medical concern. It is not necessary to be a member of a club.

You must not use any other means of transportation during the race than running / walking. Otherwise you will be disqualified immediately.

Runners who do not want to endanger their health should have a medical check-up once a year. In addition, they should pay attention to their body`s warning signals and stop running if necessary. Do not begin the race without consulting a doctor if you currently have any infections or medical complaints.

The recommendation applies to all route length and disciplines

You can bring your clothes in the official bag (GMM goodie bag) to the baggage disposal from 8 a.m. on14  October at the Olympic Stadium, Level 0.

Please note that we only accept GMM clothing bags. For other luggage we offer a wardrobe for a fee of 4 € per piece of luggage. Please ensure that you allow adequate time to hand in your GMM clothing bag.

Afterwards, you can retrieve your carry-on bag by showing your race number until 5pm. 

You can shower and change for free from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Attached to your race number is a coupon to shower. Just follow the signs towards showers and changing rooms.


Pacemaker with the following target time will be running: 3:00 hours, 3:15 hours, 3:30 hours, 3:45 hours, 4:00 hours, 4:15 hours, 4:30 hours, 4:45 hours and 5:00 hours.

The pacemaker will start out from the starting block that corresponds to their target time. Each pacemaker will be identifiable among the crowd of runners thanks to CEP backpacks and flags showing their respective target time.


The starting line up will be at the Coubertinplatz, Olympic Park Munich. The field will be organized in fice waves: 

Starting block A – 10:00 a.m., participants with an announced time of up to 3:15 hours

Starting block B – 10:05 a.m., participants with an announced time of up to 3:45 hours

Starting block C – 10:10 a.m., participants with an announced time of up to 4:15 hours

Starting block D – 10:15 a.m., participants with an announced time of up to 4:45 hours

Starting block E – 10:20 a.m., participants with an announced time of more than 4:45 hours

Only runners wearing offi  cial start numbers are allowed to enter the starting line up.

Please go to your assigned start corral before 9:50 a.m.. You will be informed of your exact starting time in the participation confirmation and your start corral is printed on the race number. Please get in line in the predefined starting block corresponding to your performance. 

All clothing left in the starting line area will be collected and donated for a good cause. The closing will not be returned to participants.

There will be refreshment stations along the route at the following points: KM 5 / KM 7.5 / KM 14 / KM 18 / KM 22.5 / KM 27.5 / KM 33.5 and KM 39.5. In addition to water, you will also find electrolyte drinks and bananas available at the refreshment stations. There will also be energy gels at KM 14 and KM 27.5. As well as the refreshment stations there will also be hydration stations at KM 10.5 / KM 15.5 / KM 20.5 / KM 25 / KM 30.5 und KM 37.

Overview refreshment stations

In order to avoid collisions, please use the whole length of the refreshment stations.

Refreshments will be provided to all runners after the finish line in the Olympic Stadium.


There are toilets next to the starting area. You will also find toilets along the route at relay changeover points and after refreshment stations. Please also use public toilets in the Olympic Park.

At the finisher area in the Olympic Stadium participants are offered.


You can receive treatment and massages from physiotherapists for free after the race. Just follow the signposting to find the physiotherapy.

For hygienic reasons, please shower before treatment.


You will have the opportunity to hand in your own drinks (exclusively in plastic bottles!) at the information stand at the Sport Expo on 12 - 13 October 2018. On 14 October 2018 it is only possible to hand in drinks until 8:30 am. The event organizer will not be taking responsibilty for loss or damage. Own refreshments will be placed on a separate table at the beginning of the refreshment stands (only on the right).

The results list and documents will be available to download and print on the day of race from approx. 7 pm online on www.generalimuenchenmarathon.de/en. Documents will not be sent out by mail.


Each marathon finisher will receive a commemorative medal at the finish line.

You can engrave your name and timing on the medal on Sunday in the Olympic Park. You have to pay 10.00 EUR* for the engraving on site or redeem your voucher.

Olympiapark map

Rates and benefits

Registration until 31 March 2018 70.00 €*

Registration until 30 June 2018 75.00 €*

Registration until 30 September 2018 80.00 €*

The registration deadline is Sunday, 30 September 2018 at 11:59 p.m.

Please note: after registration there is no right to claim a refund of the participation fee or the issue of a starter voucher for a later event – also not in the event of illness. If you have created a LOGIN when registering you may transfer your registration to another participant in the event of illness. The new participant assumes the exchange fee of 8 EUR*. After the close of registration on 30 September 2018 at 11:59 p.m. a participant exchange is no longer possible.

Additional services possibly booked, such as chip or medal engraving become forfeited and will not be reimbursed. The functional shirt can be collected directly from the Sports Expo. 

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The entry fee is paid by direct debit or by credit card. Please note that when paying by credit card a processing fee of 4% will be incurred. Incorrect statements and administrative fees arising through this shall be borne by the participant. At the latest one week before the event you will receive a participation confirmation by Email or by mail.

Please bring this confirmation along with you when you collect your race documents.


It is possible to register on the day of the event for an increased registration fee at the late registration desk of the Sport Expo:

Friday, 12 October 2018 from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturday, 13 October 2018 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sunday, 14 October 2018 from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Time keeping at the Generali MUNICH MARATHON is done exclusively via your race number. The electronic transponder records your personal time. The finishers will be evaluated according to the net running time (effective running time).  There will be no time keeping and no evaluation without your race number!

There will be no time keeping and no evaluation without transponder! 

• Free journey with the race number on marathon Sunday in the MVV area

• Starter bag with race number and race documents

• Clothes/luggage hand in on the marathon day

• Timekeeping without additional costs

• Pacemaker service • Refreshments among the route

• Refreshments at the finishing line

• Heat sheets at the finishing line during cool weather conditions

• Souvenir medal at the finishing line

• Medical care if required

• Physiotherapy after the run

• Shower and changing facilities after the marathon

• Certificate made available on the internet

Official Race Shirt for the 33rd Generali MUNICH MARATHON

When you sign up for the race, be sure to order your official Generali MUNICH MARATON short sleeve shirt. Available as long as stocked. Remaining shirts can be purchased at the merchandising stand of the MM sport expo.

Mens Ladies • Material: “cool dry“, soft and quick drying • Price: 38,00 EUR* • Ladies: sizes XS-L • Mens: sizes S-XL


Participation in traditional costume run and white sausage breakfast

The international Traditional Costume Run is taking place on Saturday, 13 October 2018. The participation fee for the Fun-Run including the subsequent breakfast with a couple of white sausages, a pretzel and a non-alcoholic wheat beer is 9.00 EUR*.


Bernbacher Pasta Party

Bernbacher Pasta Party The Bernbacher Pasta Party takes place at the MM Sportmesse in the Great Olympic Hall. All participants and visitors are invited to participate on Saturday, 13 October 2018 from 12 am to 7 pm. The voucher includes a portion of pasta with a non-alcoholic beverage (0,5l) for 9, - Euro including VAT. The voucher for the Bernbacher Pasta Party can be purchased directly in the online registration or on the spot.


Medal engraved

We offer each finisher medal engraving after the race. This service is available for 10.00 EUR* and can be pre-booked during the registration or paid at the Engraving-Booth at the Sport Expo.


*) Amounts include VAT